These five latest album releases will most certainly give listeners a superb introduction to this sensitive, inspired and very versatile piano recording artist.

CD Collection

1. Ballerina is a moving original composition by Rosario that was inspired by a vision he had of a young girl, mesmerized by the tiny ballerina inside her music box and dreaming about the prima ballerina she would one day become. The gentle tune embodies Rosario's approach to not only the music, but also to what his music invokes for the listener.
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Release Date: 01/01/2000
Price: $14.99 US

Track Listings

1. Ballerina
2. Send in the clowns
3. Perhaps Love
4. As time goes by
5. I just called to say I love you
6. I will always love you

7. My heart will go on
8. A time for us
9. The wind beneath my wings
10. Someone to watch over me
11. Lady in red
12. Time to say goodbye
2. Noche Latino is a collection of Latin classics including popular tunes like "Granada" and "Malaguena". This particular genre is a favourite with Rosario, who imparts that "these are songs that I've always wanted to express in my own way. They're absolutely wonderful melodies, very romantic". The album also features two original piano compositions by Rosario - "Melodia Para Ti" as well as the title track, "Noche Latino".
Release Date: 01/01/2000
Price: $14.99 US

Track Listings

1. Noche Latino
2. Melodia para ti
3. La Paloma/Amapola
4. Sabor a me
5. Tico-tico
6. Somos Novios

7. Historia de un amor
8. Guantanamera
9. Besame Mucho
10. El Perompompero
11. Cuando Calienta el sol
12. Malaguena/Granada
3. Italia Con Amore is a magnificent celebration of Rosario's own Italian heritage. On this album, he blends both "the old and the new", including songs ranging from the classic Neapolitan "Malafemmena" to more modern offerings such as "Questo Piccolo Grande Amore", one of Italy's most beloved pop tunes.
Release Date: 01/02/2001
Price: $14.99 US

Track Listings

1. Caruso
2. Na Sera e Maggio
3. Malafemmena
4. Pensami
5. Grande, Grande, Grande
6. Arrivederci Roma

7. Margherita
8. Ti Lascero
9. Tanta Voglia Di Lei
10. Parlami D'Amore Mariu
11. Questo Piccolo Grande Amore
12. Core n Grato
4. Rosario loves performing ballads, and Wonderful Tonight is his latest CD of pop stylings. An impressive follow-up to Rosario's well-received album Ballerina, Wonderful Tonight is "all about love", and features passionate renditions of 12 current and popular cover tunes including "Breathe", "How Do I Live?" and "Unchained Melody".
Release Date: 01/02/2001
Price: $14.99 US

Track Listings

1. Wonderful Tonight
2. Breathe
3. Just the way you are
4. Endless Love
5. Power of Love
6. Unchained Melody

7. How do I live
8. When I fall in love
9. Through the eyes of love
10. Without You
11. No Matter
12. You sang to me

5. Rounding out this newly-released series of piano recordings is Rosario Plays The Classics, an album featuring heartfelt renditions of a variety of classic piano repertoire including songs such as "Misty", "Our Love Is Here To Stay", the Brazilian-flavoured "Black Orpheus" and many more.
Release Date: 01/02/2001
Price: $14.99 US

Track Listings

1. Embraceable You
2. Begin the beguine
3. Smoke gets in your eyes
4. L.o.v.e
5. More
6. Misty

7. Manha de Carnaval
8. Love is a many splendored thing
9. Our Love is here to stay
10. What a wonderful world
11. My Way
12. Mona Lisa

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